FOFOP Episode 89 - Channing Potatum


Felicity: I’ve got these brown spots because I got these fake teeth when I was fourteen, because I have pointy teeth at the front. They’re all caps — spoiler alert.

Wil: So it’s like you’re always shouting, ‘cause your teeth are all caps.

Felicity: Yep.

Wil: I’m here all week.

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“From what I can understand, it’s about people who go to other dimensions to fuck other versions of people they can’t fuck in their dimension.”

Charlie Clausen on Fringe (via derring-do)

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things i’ve learned living alone:

  • always checked electrical appliances are turned off (not your fridge or freezer duh)
  • get half way to your destination and realize you’ve left your electric blanket on
  • leave the house remembering you left your hair straightener on
  • realize that you now have an OCD about turning everything off
  • but still leave all the lights on

it’s 2pm and i just went down to my room and guess what?

electric blanket was still on

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Timothy V Murphy as Jack Sheppard in Shallow Ground (2004) [1 of 2]

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things i’ve learned living alone:

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beobsessed asked Hi! I just wanted to say that I love your blog and could you pretty please rec me some good criminal minds blogs?

Thank you! I can definitely do that. Most active CM blogs are actually just personal blogs and the owners post a lot of it. There are very few blogs just dedicated to CM - or at least that I have found.

apologies to any one i missed!

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Paget Brewster 4 of 

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