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Forever aggravated by Omnivore for the extremely overdone Boston accents and Reid’s mispronunciation of ‘Woburn’.

dont even get me started on will’s “new orleans” accent. if anything, people here talk with the normal “generic newscaster”…

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ryan & tessa per episode: 2x09 Junior Secretary’s Day (1/2)

"I don’t know. We tried it before and… we’re total opposites."
“That’s great, because opposites don’t push each other apart. They do the other thing.”
“They attract, Ryan. Opposites attract.”

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You hear that, Chatswin? She doesn’t care! Tessa and I aren’t embarrassed to express how tender our love is. IT’S EXTREMELY TENDER!!!

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you kids these days with your rapidly growing concern for the state of the world and your knowledge of important issues at increasingly younger ages despite having been told your opinions don’t matter by the adults who put you in these situations

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XXXIV - Abyss

First, thanks for all the positive feedback on the new theme! No one’s found any errors yet, so hopefully it stays that way. Will finish updating the side pages this week. And here’s my first chance to properly show off the new theme posts!

A new theme to share! This one is actually super, super simple and was originally created for the Theme Hunter Contest. The main feature is the drop down lists so you can now add loads of links even where there’s a fixed (or in this case, sticky) sidebar.

Please save and refresh the customize page before making any customizations/change. This will hopefully lower the number of problems. Feel free to customize however much you want, the more the better, but leave credits intact. It would also be great if you could ‘like’ this post if using the theme. Please use Disqus to report any problems (you can comment as a guest).

- Live Preview
- Last Update: 08 July 2013 
- Support: Installing / Customizing / FAQ

Main Features

  • Super simple classic layout. with a choice between 400px or 500px posts.
  • Extra space for links in the sidebar with the drop down menus, add up to another 24 links.
  • Even more space for links with page links enabled.
  • Choice to add sidebar image (either through tumblr’s upload feature or external hosting) which will be automatically resized to 180px.
  • Like and reblog button included.
  • A full list of features and how to use them included on the live preview.
  • Download the codes under the read more.

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XXXII - The Extreme

So this is basically the theme I have right now on this blog. Overall it’s very simple and though I’ve only included four links, depending on what layout you have, there is enough space to add more. As always if you come across any coding errors please tell me.

- Live Preview: Basic Layout (One Column)Grid LayoutWith Sidebar Layout
- Last Update: 28 April 2013 
- Support: InstallingCustomizingFAQ

Main Features

  • There are three different layouts to choose from: Basic (one column), Grid and With Sidebar.
  • Header image with no set dimensions
  • Extra text boxes in sidebar for additional information.
  • All post types supported.
  • Space for four custom links, page link disabled.
  • A full list of features and options are listed in the live preview.

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First theme of 2014! I’ve also now made more “new” themes, than I have “retired” themes. This is actually one that’s been in my drafts for sometime as it was originally created for a friend’s roleplay but it is not needed now. There are quite a few options to play around with but I’ve tried to make it as easy to use as possible.

- Live Preview: Default OptionsDifferent Options
- Last Update: 23 June 2014 
- Support: InstallingCustomizingFAQ

Main Features

  • Header content slider. Four slides pre-coded with navigation links and update boxes.
  • Extra text boxes in sidebar for additional information.
  • Option for either 400px or 500px posts.
  • Add up to 28 custom links.
  • A full list of features and options are listed in the live preview.

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So this is the theme I have at my personal blog right now. Again this another theme that is based on the idea of text-heavy blogs. The width of the entries is dependant on your browser resolution meaning text posts will stretch all the way across the screen and when there are image posts, text will float around it.

- Live Preview: Post Info Ver. #1Post Info Ver. #2
- Last Update: 04 August 2013 
- Support: InstallingCustomizingFAQ

Main Features

  • Sidebar background. No set width as it’s coded to 25% of your screen resolution. The most ideal width will probably be around 400px. As it’s a background, it will not work with the random image script.
  • Add up to eight custom links which will show when “Links” is clicked.
  • Page links dis-enabled.
  • Customized “Read More”
  • Two variations of how the post info can be shown. Please only tick one. All post info visible at all times.
  • A full list of features and options are listed in the live preview.

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